At Domestika we’re looking for a Filmmaker Assistant -Freelance.

Your main responsibility will be to help in the preparation of the shoots, facilitate the production processes, review technical and digital material, and give support to the different departments involved in a shoot. You will be part of the team managing the Domestika Courses in Berlin, Germany.

Domestika is one of the largest growing creative communities within the creative industry. It all started as a small but dynamic showcase of creative professionals, designed to help them connect and learn from each other.

Years later, born from this core value, Domestika widened its reach by designing and producing online courses for all those who want to learn and improve professionally with the best teachers. The community has grown to more than 8 million people who are constantly curious and passionate about learning new skills.

What does a Filmmaker Assistant do at Domestika?

  • You will be in charge of preparing the filming together with the director, managing the necessary technical material.
  • You will provide support in collaboration with other production departments such as Photo, Art, or Postproduction.
  • You will assist the filmmaker by keeping track of the minutes, the audio, or operating the camera.
  • After the recording, you will share the responsibility of the backup with the filmmaker.
  • You will facilitate the production process in everything related to the correct operation of the video and sound equipment on the set, as well as the review of technical and digital material.


  • You have experience in audiovisual environments, camera, and basic knowledge of sound.
  • You have a native or bilingual level of German.
  • You have an advanced level of English.
  • You are dynamic and able to solve any problem related to filming and production.
  • You know that good organization is key.
  • You respect the protocols on set and you know the digital workflows.
  • You are resolutely decisive and know how to meet deadlines, both in filming and the assembly of sets.
  • You feel comfortable in high-performance projects.
  • You are creative, you enjoy creativity, and have a keen interest in both the arts and visual communication.
  • You help solve any unforeseen events related to audiovisual production.
  • You have the skills necessary to relate to and communicate with other professionals. You listen actively and collaborate with the group. You enjoy teamwork.
  • You are restless and you like to learn new things.