At Domestika we are hiring a Senior Data Analyst/Scientist to work closely with the UA team!

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  • Data:

The data team partners with all parts of the business to aid decision-making and define measurement frameworks across Domestika. This position is part of Growth Analytics, reporting to the Director of Growth Analytics. You will also work closely with others in the data group such Product Analytics & Data Engineering.

  • UA:

The UA / Performance Marketing team is responsible for setting & optimizing the acquisition strategy on all Domestika products. It is part of the larger Growth group reporting to the CMO.


All Analysts in Domestika have their feet in two worlds. On the one hand they must be technical leaders who have the skills to extract, analyze, and visualize data. On the other hand they are partners for their functional teams to measure, support and challenge decision making and strategy.

For this position, some of the specific projects and areas for exploration will include:

- How can we automate and optimize our marketing activities?

- How can we predict the profitability of our campaigns?

- How can we measure the incremental value of other channels like SEO, Social Media?

- How can we model and measure the interaction effects of multi-channel marketing?


  • High level of SQL. You are comfortable navigating raw data and creating aggregate tables. You are comfortable doing this autonomously, but asking for help on occasion from your peers is more than ok. Basic select queries are something you can do with your eyes closed once you are comfortable with the data. You have used window functions to do more complex analyses, but if not, are happy to learn.
  • Prediction & Attribution Knowledge. You have worked on problems that involve prediction or attribution problems. You can comfortably use Python/R to build a basic prediction or forecasting model, and also understand how to build optimization algorithms in a marketing context. You understand the fundamentals of attribution within marketing and the challenges around indirect measurement, and have some ideas on how to handle this.
  • Visualization of analysis, reporting, & models. You have used one or more of the popular visualization tools, like Tableau, Looker, or others. In any case, you are able & motivated to pick up new tools, and understand what makes a useful visualization. You have no issue creating quick charts in Excel / Google Sheets to share quick analysis, but at the same time understand the consultation process that comes with building longer lasting dashboards. You much prefer to build something that people will use for a long time, than something that will only be used for a specific analysis.
  • Measurement & Testing Analysis. You understand well the principles of measurement, statistics, and typical user behavior related to pricing & marketing. With all of these, you are equipped to consult on how best to measure the effect of changes, or strategies, and in turn how to improve them. AB testing digital products, in general, is something you have some experience with, but you are also aware of measurement frameworks that don’t necessarily involve formal testing, like attribution, causal impact, or regression.
  • Curiosity & Creativity. Data at Domestika is not a service function. We are creative partners who solve problems and consult on all areas of the business. You should be ready to challenge, to analyze, to improve, to optimize, and to recommend. At the same time, you are humble, collaborative, and driven ultimately by the motivation to make Domestika an amazing experience for our users, and an amazing place to work for your friends and colleagues.
  • Ownership & Product / Project Management. Seniority at Domestika is not about years of experience, it is about autonomy and impact. In this position, you will need to demonstrate ownership and leadership in your area. This means identifying opportunities, scoping and defining projects, prioritizing them, and ultimately managing and being responsible for their success.

Bonus Skills:

  • You have experience and/or passion for education technology, learning platforms, or digital-first consumer industries like mobile apps, gaming.
  • You are fascinated by human behavior, with some expertise in fields like behavioral psychology, microeconomics, or neuroscience.
  • More advanced skills in machine learning & programming, working with APIs, or data modeling & engineering experience.

What do we offer?

  • Working in one of the leading companies in the creative industry.
  • A fun, creative, collaborative, and multicultural team.
  • Domestika pro-account to have access to all of our courses for free.
  • Possibility to work remotely.
  • Private health insurance.
  • A salary according to your experience and profile.