At Domestika we are looking for a Post-producer / Colorist.

Your main responsibility will be to attend to the post-production needs of the courses and trailers that are going to be edited —project preparation, transcoding, synchronization, sending to the cloud, resolution of incidents— and those already edited; that is, apply the knowledge of image retouching as if it were a digital laboratory to shape tasks, increase decorations, add visual effects, do technical retouching, color grade, identify problems, offer technical-artistic solutions, and export the final content in defined formats.

You will be an important part of DOMESTIKA's post-production department in New York and you will also attend to the needs of teams from Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Colombia, Spain, the US, and the UK.

Domestika is one of the largest growing communities within the creative industry. It all started as a small but dynamic showcase of creative professionals, designed to help them connect and learn from each other.

Years later, born from this core value, Domestika widened its reach by designing and producing online courses for anyone who wanted to learn and improve professionally with the best teachers. The community has grown to more than 6 million people who are constantly curious and passionate about learning new skills.

What does the post-producer / colorist do at Domestika?

  • Have the raw filming materials available for transcoding and scheduling tasks on the available machines.
  • Organize the assigned courses and prioritize the execution, according to needs and timeline, of the following tasks: invisible VFX, shaping, color and grading, exports, etc.
  • Manage completed courses and their assembly material to proceed with archiving.
  • Ensure the nomenclature and location of materials in published projects, hard drives, server, backup, etc.
  • Share with your team the technical and artistic advances of color for validations, opinions, and approvals, and also to receive help in case of a sensory jam.
  • Detect and record extraordinary technical-artistic processes and their solutions, with screenshots, video captures, or texts, to create a documentary fund that can be used if similar situations arise to be solved.


  • You have a native or bilingual level of English.
  • You have a minimum of 2 years of experience in post-production roles.
  • You have knowledge of color theory, formats, dimensions and metadata, storage, backups, conforming, grading, and editing with professional knowledge of DaVinci Resolve.
  • You have professional knowledge of the Adobe CC Suite, especially Photoshop and After Effects.
  • You have knowledge of export formats, proxies, color spaces, generation and application of LUTs, data depth, disk storage calculation, nomenclatures, media management, archiving, and project recovery.
  • Proactivity to provide improvements, automation, increase in process speed, and implementation of file access security.
  • You have great attention to detail to make the final digital packaging of the courses, ensuring artistic and technical excellence so that students are satisfied.
  • Please note this is a non-union position.

It is a plus:

  • Management of the Fusion module and programming.
  • Knowledge of workflows in the DaVinci collaborative environment.
  • Knowledge of photography, especially in relation to correct exposure, ranges, and log curves, following pre-established lighting schemes.

What do we offer you in exchange?

  • Work in one of the leading companies in the creative industry.
  • A fun, creative, collaborative, and multicultural team.
  • A salary according to your experience and profile.